Saturday, March 20, 2010

the censorship in china

Chains of stories been covered the issue, that after the cyber attach last year end, Google has been thinking about giving up its market in China. Before I came here, I've known that China is quite strict about all the information flow. Also, what I use to be taught is that Chinese people have almost no right to say whatever is on their mind. Couple of years later, with some of my friends working and visiting China, I thought the situation has changed. Apparently, I was wrong.
After reading all those stories, I am still surprised that how conservative this country is, and how restricted the informtaion flow is. I can understand that the govornment would certainly make some laws or ristriction to protect its own company, but I also think that there's a fine line between protective and over-protective. After I read those news, what I see is like the late Ching Dynesty that I read from the history book. Ironicaly enough, it happens at the exact same place with the exact same race.
I knew there are some sites are banned in China, such as Facebook. And I talked to one of my Chinese classmates while I am here in Sydney. To me, it's totally unacceptable that govornment is allowed to ban any of the website, since the internet should be connect to "everything", provide all sorts of information around the world. However, when I asked her about the censorship that the govornment placed on their internet, she just said, well, we are used to it. HOW PASSIVE!!!
Being the biggest market, I guess, it gives the privilage, but what about the people??

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