Sunday, March 28, 2010

coming down from the cloud

With the collective resources that google provides, also with amazon's cloud service being more and more popular. we now storing our documents up there in the cloud, somewhere. Where? No one really 100 percent sure, but with those companies promises, we know that our files ARE SAFE. OR are they?
With the convinience of internet, massive information are throwing on the internet. Recently I read about an article saying Facebook may share our info to other sites, and believe it or not, IT IS in the default privacy declaration. Just people dont really read it, that all.
Personally, I don't really mind that my photos or date of birth are exposed to other people; somehow, I can't help but wonder, what if those files that we store on the internet are somehow shared to other people? true that with cloud computing, we can get access to our documents everywhere with the connection of the internet, but call me old fashioned, I still a littlbe but hold back from this whole cloud computing thing. Still, I believe in hard drives, human intalelligence rather than computer.

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