Monday, June 7, 2010

The logic behind censorship in China

Several sites that were blocked before were suddenly accessible on last friday. China is notorious for it's censorship for in the information on the Internet. Sites that related to pornagrphy or voilate state secret will be flitered and sometimes be blocked. To control some news that agianst the image of the country, some foreign reporters' e-mail accounts are sometimes be hacked. Maybe, the people is China has already got used to this limited information flow, or maybe that is the reason why so many pirate sites now used around the world are from China.
On the forth of June, the social network site Fourquarter was block when users tried to check-in in Tiananment to memorial the 21th anniversary of Tiananment Square masssacre. However, some porn sites which were banned for a long time was being suddenly accesible.
What does that say to Chinese Government? That it cares more about the past than now?
People in China said, there's alway an unclear reasons why some sites are banned and others are not. Guess in a automacratic society like China, people are not allowed to ask but just to follow. Even with the free feature of the Internet, China is using every means to remains its power amoungst its people.

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