Friday, June 4, 2010

China, the biggest Internet market

Reading the news about how China is the biggest market on the Internet, which doesn't surprise me but just make me think: with the rigid restrictions that China has, what will the Internet market be when China to dominate culture of the Internet?
Because of the massive population in China, mobile usage is tremendous, in the five area of internet usage, which are research, communications, commerce, publishing and mobility, China is on top of each one of them.
However, in China, with the withdraw of Google, the information they can be researched is what's been approved by the government, and anything that against or that has related to topics like human right can't be found.
With the censorship in China, information becomes relatively limited. When I speak to some of my Chinese classmates, I am surprised that they believe that this censorship is doing positive effect to them. And they believe that the government filters their information to protect them.
Chinese internet market is growing, in a light year pace. Will it be possible if company choose to self-censor to meet the demand of the massive market in China? If they do, then where does the culture of the Internet of being free go??

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