Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Phony phone

When tehnology evolved, phones with heaps of apps, allow people to go online, take pictures, filming, and even located oneself, life is not simple anymore. Instead of talking to people, we choose to SMS, leaving messages in Facebook. I will say, the smart phones have become another wall built between actual connections of people.
Went back to Taiwan for couple days early this year, lots of my friends got a new tool in their hands, an iPhone 3Gs, and all of them have a very annoying attempt to keep playing with thier phone in a social event. I was even arguing with one of them that this act is fairly annoying and not respecting others, and he's point is how convenient his phone braught to him, with lots of apps and games and news contents. I kept thinking, isn't this ironic that phone, which is supposed to connect people, has somehow distanced people ?

Phone, came from greek word, far and voice, is no long just transmitting voice from point to point, with lots of added apps, the phone now is quite phony as it is.

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