Saturday, April 17, 2010

cloud sourcing and the ancient wisdom.

The future technology pattern is verifing the old asian wisdom. Evern Since I was little I've taught the wisdom of "Three cobblers with their wits combined equal Zhuge Liang the mast mind."Somehow, not till recently as the concept of collaboration going popular that I pick up this saying again.
As google annouced its new google doc, which added co-editing function and the popularity of wiki-, the internet further proved this old asian saying. Team work was a trend, collabortive knowledge is now happening in every fields of works, especially in the world of internet. Open source is a key issue for developing softwares.It is, indeed, very interesting to find the perfect match between our old wisdom with modern technology trend.
Fighting by oneself is relatively hard then coopoerating with others. Not too long ago, there was a project, providing a shareholder structure that open to everyone. With only a little amount of money from each individual, this project was able to run and make profit and finally reture the profit to each "shareholders." This is the power of colaborating, and only in the world of the Internet can this power be practiced beyond national borders.

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