Wednesday, April 21, 2010

this is the world wide web

After seeing Facebook F8 conference, knowing the three key apps that Facebook introduced: open graphic, social plug in,graph API, all to make every facebook users, or facebook users to-be be more connected to each other. I came to a question, who will be the most benefit by those new apps? Advertisers, marketers...and every entities that try to sell and be visible.
I rememebr when I first used Facebook, I was certainly thrilled and stunning to find out how myself and all the friends whether past or present, are so connected. Then again, there came a time that I realized what Facebook has done to make everyone too well connected to lose a level of privacy of one's own.
Certainly, as a marketer, I would be extremely excited to know how easy for me now to target my audiences and to directly communicate to them and all the potential market that they will bring. However, as a user, I can't help but notice the huge amount of private information that we've slowly lost. We've always thought that we still have control of what information we are willing to reveal via internet, but not anymore, in the case of facebook.
Do people care about their personal information being revealed? Or, because of te advanced technology with phones and the internet, people somehow get so distant and yet want to be connected to everyone so badly that they just willing to share everything at every moment? Last year, there were some people saying it might be possible for Facebook to finally disappear due to people get sick of being visible all the time and thus stop updating and sharing. From the statistcs of Facebook users growth, I don't think this will happen in a nearby future.

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