Sunday, April 18, 2010

to stop the unstopable in China?

Pirate bay, emule, you name it, people have heard about it. Piracy issue is always there especially in a country that has no limit of internet bandwidth in Asian area or European countries. When I first came to Australia, I struggled a lot with the limited internet bandwidth because of my internet using habits back in Taiwan. The country that I came from has a sub culture that no one speaks out but everyone kind of understand it, the downloading culture amongst young people. Why didn't our government do something about this? Yes, they did. But, let’s face it, it's fairly hard and costing to track down which IP is downloading and nail it down.
When reading all those news about how China censors the internet, something interesting struck me. It's a fact that everyone know that China is the biggest pirate country either online or offline. The software I used to view the latest movies or TV series is from China. It seems like, China does care about how it public think politically and protect them from those "evil" information that they don't need to know about. But it doesn't really care about how the world thinks of it as the biggest pirate kingdom and let every of its illegal sites being used or get out of its "Wall."
China filters almost everything to "protect" it public, but none of it stops it public to be intellectual thieves.

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